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This was a really fun 5 part crochet along which took place in May 2020, but you can still buy the pattern and access to all of the video tutorials here. 

There is an exciting ‘design your own’ element to the #cardiecal!! In the introduction you will be asked to make several choices to guide you towards designing a cardigan in your own unique style. You will be able to choose the length of the body, add a hood (or not!), add pockets (or not) and make choices about sleeve length. Most of these decisions don’t need to be made straight away- you can always decide as you go along! And I will give you lots of guidance to help you choose.

The cardigan is made using 3 different granny square designs. You can choose how many to make of each design and whether to make solid coloured or multi-coloured squares.

You can adapt the size and fit of the cardigan as we go along to ensure it fits you well.

The first 3 parts of the crochet along  involve making the squares in the 3 designs. For each square I will teach you how to make them in a solid colour and also how to make them multi-coloured, so you can choose how bright and colourful you would like your cardie to be (or not to be!!) Part 4 involves assembly and week 5 tackles edging.

Remember that if you’d rather not make all these decisions you can make one exactly like mine! There are a limited number of kits available for those who would like to use my colourway: https://adventuresincrafting.co.uk/product/cardiecal-kit/

The cardie can be made in any number of colours that you like, from one to many!! This project makes a fantastic stash buster!! You will find guidance on yarn quantities and type in the introduction once you have signed up.

The price of the pattern includes:

  • access to all of the online tutorials (with detailed videos and photographs to accompany them)
  • a printable PDF
  • access to my crochet along facebook group where you can find help and support and share progress

Once you have signed up for the CAL you will be able to access the introduction on your ‘my adventure’ profile on the website, under the heading #cardiecal. Click ‘introduction’ and you’ll find everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the start of the CAL!!

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