Free Funky Skirt Crochet Pattern

This is a super easy and very adjustable pattern for a child’s crochet skirt. You can really have fun with it!

I have written it so that it can be made to fit the individual child but have also included the measurements that I used for my daughter’s skirt- she is a small 10 year old so if you follow my instructions it should fit an 8-12 year old. I think it would also make a fab skirt for an adult. I haven’t lined my daughter’s as she will wear it with thick tights or leggings but you could easily line it- I have included some instructions at the end of the pattern.

The skirt is worked from the bottom up. You will start by working in rounds of trebles then at the waist line you will decrease to gather the skirt in. The decrease can be adjusted for a precise fit.

This pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

Special stitches:

Front post treble (fptr) = put yoh first, at the front of the work insert hook around the post of the treble from right to left (you will go left to right if you are left handed), yoh, pull yarn back through, yoh, oull through 2 loops on hook, yoh, pull through last 2 loops.

Back post treble (bptr)= put yoh first, from behind the work insert hook from right to left, yoh, pull yarn back through, yoh, oull through 2 loops, yoh, pull through last 2 loops.

I used DK yarn (Stylecraft Special DK) but it can be made in any yarn weight or material due to the adjustable nature of the pattern- I would love to see it made in cotton! For a 10 year old child we used 200g.

Use the hook size that is suggested for the yarn (unless you normally adjust for tension). I used a 4mm hook for the DK yarn.

To start:

Make a chain that will fit loosely around the wearer’s legs just above the knee (think about how tightly you would like the skirt to fit at the bottom, we went quite loose for my daughter)

For my daughter I used a chain of 135

Make sure that there are no twists in the chain, slip stitch to the first chain to make a big loop.

Round 1        Chain 3, make 1 treble in every chain around, slip stitch in the 3rd of the 3 chain (135 stitches)

(NB: in every round be careful not to work a treble into the slip stitch as this will add an increase)

Round 2       Chain 3, *make 1 fptr around the next stitch, make 1 bptr around the following stitch**, repeat from * to ** around, sl                         st to 3rd of 3 chain

Round 3       Repeat round 2

This will make a ribbed edging to the skirt. You will now continue in plain rows of trebles.

Round 4      Chain 3, make 1 treble into every stitch around, slip stitch in the 3rd of the 3 chain

Repeat round 4 until the skirt is the desired length (for us this was 35 rounds in total)

You will now work on the waistband, starting with a round of decreases. I worked the decrease by skipping every other stitch as this gives it a gathered look.

Chain 1, *make 1 dc in the next stitch, skip one stitch, make 1 dc in the following stitch** repeat from * to ** all the way around, sl s in ch 1.

Now try the skirt on the wearer! For my daughter this fitted perfectly but you may need to adjust the decreases to change the fit. This may take a bit of experimenting!

If the skirt is too loose you can add another round of decreases. Alternatively you can add some elastic at the end of the make, I will explain how to do this later in the pattern.

If the skirt is too tight you will need to undo the first round of decreases and try skipping a dc less frequently on this round, e.g. you might start with making 1 dc into each of the first 2 stitches, then skipping 1 stitch and repeating. Please do message me if you need any help with this round!

Once you are happy with the fit you will continue to build the waistband:

Waistband round:    ch 1, make 1dc into every stitch around, sl st in ch 1

Repeat waistband round for 9 rows in total.

You now have the option to line your skirt. You can also add elastic at this stage to improve the fit (we didn’t need to do this so if it fits well it’s fine without).

Measure the circumference and length of the skirt. Cut out a rectangle of fabric where the long side = the circumference + 1.5cm and the short side = the length + 1.5cm, turn in a hem of 1.5cm all around the long edges and the hem (by hand or machine, it’s up to you!). Sew the short edges together to make a loop of fabric. Pin into skirt, half way up the waistband, adding elastic if you have chosen to, you may need to put a few tucks in the fabric for gathers, just fold the fabric in at regualr intervals around the waistband if necessary, fold the waistband inwards over the fabric and elastic and hand sew together.

Now all you need to do is add the pockets! You could choose to sew fabric pockets onto the skirt (just cut out squares of fabric, turn in a hem and sew and hand sew to skirt), or you can use any granny square pattern you like!

I used this gorgeous granny square heart pattern by Lucia Lanukas

And that’s it!! My daughter loves hers and couldn’t wait to try it on!!

As usual I’d love to see photos of your makes, you can email them to me at, or find me on facebook or instagram @remadebysam

Have fun!

Sam xx

PS The technical stuff- you are welcome to share this pattern or make skirts to sell but please could you reference my design and ownership of the pattern- thank you!!!

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