Christmas Eve Shawl Crochet Along – Part 6

Hi all, apologies for the delay posting this today! It’s the first day of school holidays for us which has led to all sorts of ridiculous things delaying me, for example having to do my son’s paper round for him!!!

Thank you to everyone who has shared photos of their shawls so far!! They all look amazing!!

So today we are adding the edging. I chose to add tassels to mine (another cause of the delay!!) but these are optional of course! If you decide to add tassels mine took about 1.5 hours to do, but I LOVE the way they look.

I have added 4 rounds for the edging but you can stop at any point because all of the rouns look nice!!

Row 42 join new colour in first stitch, ch7, make 1dtr in same stitch, skip 3 stitches, *in next stitch make (1dtr, ch3, 1dtr), skip 3 stitches** repeat from * to ** until point, in point make (1dtr, ch3, 1dtr, ch3, 1dtr), mark middle dtr with sm, skip 3 stitches, repeat from * to ** all the way along to final 4 stitches, skip 3 stitches, in 3rd of ch3 make (1dtr, ch3, 1dtr)

Row 43 ch4, turn, make 1dtrcl in first ch sp, ch3, *make 1dtrcl in next ch sp, ch3**, repeat from * to ** until point, in point make 5dtr, mark 3rd of 5dtr with sm, ch3, repeat from * to ** until end of row, ch1, make 1dtr in 4th of ch7, fasten off

Row 44 join new colour in first stitch, ch3, make 2tr in same stitch, make 1tr in ch1, *make 1tr in cluster, make 3tr in ch3 sp, **, repeat from * to ** until 5dtr, make 1tr in each of next 2 stitches, in point make 5tr, move sm to 3rd of these, make 1tr in each of next 2 stitches, make 3tr in ch3 sp, repeat from * to ** until last cluster, make 1tr in cluster, 1tr in ch sp, 1tr in 4th of ch 4

Row 45 join new colour, ch4, make 1tr in same stitch, ch1, skip 1 stitch, *make 1tr in the tr, ch1, skip 1**, repeat from * to ** to point, in point make (1tr, ch1, 1tr, ch1, 1tr), ch1, skip one, repeat from * to ** until end of row, in 3rd of ch3 make (1tr, ch1, 1tr)

To add tassels cut two lengths of yarn approx 20-25cm long (I wrapped the yarn around my phone lengthways twice), fold in half put hook through ch1 space and pull a loop of the 2 strands through, grab the 4 strands with your hook and pull through the loop, tighten, repeat fro every ch1 space

Here’s the photo gallery for today:

I will be blogging once more on Christmas Eve- hopefully by then you will have had the chance to finish the shawl so my post then will be an encouragement to send me a photo of you wearing it. I will then share all of these jolly photos at 6pm on the 24th!! So please, please do send me piccies of your finished shawl!!! #christmaseveshawl

If you’ve enjoyed this CAL you might want to join my next one in January- the #spreadthelovecal… more info coming soon!!!

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